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3 Major Factors that Determine How Much You Will Pay Your Locksmith

A locksmith will do more than just installing a lockset for your residential or commercial premises. Picking locks, repairing damaged locks, key duplication and re-keying locks are among other services that a professional locksmith can offer you. One factor that you cannot overlook when choosing a locksmith is the cost of service. Different locksmiths offer different rates, but it all ultimately comes down to a number of factors as highlighted

The Type of Service & Complexity of the Job

As already pointed out, there is a lot that a locksmith can do for you. The cost of one service will no doubt be different from the cost of another service. A new standard lockset installation, will, for example, not cost you the same as a repair job.

Again, for each type of service, how much you pay will depend on the difficulty of the job. A complex job will no doubt take up more time compared to an easier-to-do job, and will often require specialised tools. It, therefore, should come as no surprise that the more complex the job, the higher the cost.

Lastly, the size of the job will affect how much time the locksmith will spend working on it, determining the overall labour costs. If you are looking to replace the locks on all the doors of your home at once, be prepared to part with a neat sum.

The Cost of Parts

Apart from the labour costs, the other chunk of what you pay covers for parts. Some parts are more expensive than others. Again, some jobs require more parts than others. At the end of the day, you can expect to pay an amount that is proportionate to how much the locksmith will need to spend on parts.

The Time of Service

As with other professionals, your locksmith no doubt has regular working hours. Standard rates will apply during these working hours. If for whichever reason, you require the services of a locksmith outside of these regular working hours, then you should be prepared to pay premium rates. These rates apply to weekends and holidays. Even a locksmith that offers a 24-hour service will charge different rates past specific times.

Based on the outlined factors, and others, you can assess the quote that a locksmith will give you. After careful weighing, it should be quite easy for you to make an informed decision about whether or not to sign off on the locksmith.