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What Can You Do If Your Electronic Car Key Won't Open Your Boot?

If you've gone to open your car boot only to find that your electronic key won't open it, then you may think that your key is completely stuffed. However, when you test the key on your doors, it works fine. It's just the boot that won't open.

If you don't have a spare key to test out on the boot, then you don't have an easy way to check if the fault lies with the key or the boot. Before you think about replacing the key, you should check the boot first. It may just be a bit slow or stuck, and opening it manually may fix the problem. How do you do this?

Opening Your Boot Without a Key

Most car boots can be opened manually from the inside of the car. First, you need to get into the boot from the inside. This may mean pulling seats forward or removing boot covers. 

When you're in the boot, find the manual release. This is usually located on the inside of the lock area. Depending on the model of car, this may be a wire that you pull towards the driver's seat. Alternatively, it may be a lever that you pull open. Sometimes, the lever is concealed behind a plate. You may need something like a small screwdriver to get this plate off.

Once you've found the manual boot release, the boot should open. Watch it open to check that it works normally. If it opens slowly or unusually, then you may have a problem with the boot itself, and you may need to take the car to a mechanic.

If the boot looks OK when it opens, go back outside and close it again. Try your key. If all is well, the boot should open automatically. If the key still doesn't work, then it is probably faulty.

Fixing a Faulty Electronic Car Key

While the dealer who sold you the car or its manufacturer can get you a new electronic key, this may take some time. New keys may not be cheap.

If you don't want to wait and want a more cost-effective solution, then call a local locksmith. As well as fixing general locks, most locksmiths can now deal with electronic car keys.

Your locksmith may be able to reprogram your key so that it opens your boot again or get you a new key. If this is your only car key, now is also a good time to get a spare from the locksmith in case you have problems with the key in the future.