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The Top Advantages of Switching to A Keyless Entry Door Lock System

Door locks are crucial to the security of your home. For this reason, you will want to pay little extra attention when choosing a door lock for your home. While keyed door locks have existed for years, their keyless counterparts have become quite popular amongst homeowners over the recent past. That's because keyless door lock systems come with plenty of benefits for homeowners. With that in mind, here are some of the ways you stand to gain by investing in keyless door locks. 


This is perhaps one of the most significant selling points of keyless door locks. If you have ever been locked out of your house, you can understand the frustration and hassle you need to go through to get inside. Losing keys is another thing you wouldn't want to deal with. Worrying about where to keep a spare key or who to give your spare key to can also be frustrating. A keyless door lock system will give you easy access to your home and save from the need to carry around a bunch of keys. Keyless door locks rely on batteries. While you will need to change the batteries regularly, you won't have to worry much if you forgot to do so. That's because most keyless locks are designed with a key cylinder override, which means they will still function even if the battery dies. 

Enhanced Security

Security is critical when it comes to door locks, and it's a good thing that keyless locks provide better protection. First, many homeowners keep their spare keys in compromised places such as under their doormat, where a burglar can easily find them. What's more, when it comes to door lock systems, it's worth noting that keyholes tend to be a point of weakness in the lock. That's because they can make it easier for an experienced door lock picker (which many burglars are) to insert a tool in your door's lock mechanism and carefully manipulate it or even use force to jam it open. Master keys can also give burglars easy entry into your home. With a keyless system, however, breaking the code will be more complicated and time-consuming, if not impossible, which is something no burglar would want. 

Better Durability

The repetitive friction of inserting and turning your keys in the door lock can compromise its durability. Rusting and corrosion may also occur, affecting the proper functioning of the key. There's a lot you can deal with when it comes to malfunctioning keyed locks as a result of frequent as well as heavy use. Keyless locks minimise such problems because all you need is to press a few buttons to open your door. 

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