Household Security While Renting

Is It a Good Idea to Have All Your Locks Keyed Alike?

If you're tired of carrying around a heavy key chain with multiple keys to your home on it, then you may be considering changing the way your property's locks work. Having your locks rekeyed alike could reduce the number of keys you carry to just one. Is this a good idea?

What is Keying Alike?

Locksmiths can key or rekey a series of locks so that they can all be opened with a single key. This basically works by changing each lock's internal mechanism to match the key, leaving you able to access any of the locks with what essentially becomes your master key.

Will Keying Alike Work For You?

Switching to a one-key access system in your home does have its advantages. For example, you may like being able to do the following:

This system does, however, have some disadvantages. For example, before choosing to set up a one-key system, you should consider the following:

Tip: If you do carry too many keys around from habit, it may be worth culling your key ring so that it only contains keys that you need to get into your home. Any keys that you need while you're in the property could then be stored somewhere securely inside.

Before you decide on whether keying alike will work for you, ask a local locksmith for advice. Your locksmith may have other ideas that can help you reduce the number of keys you carry around.