Household Security While Renting

5 Subtle Ways To Increase Your Home's Security

It is no secret that everyone wants to feel safe at home, it is where you are at your most vulnerable as most people are often relaxing and not paying too much to their surroundings. Thieves and robbers know this and will look to exploit any weakness they can when trying to rob you. However, there are simple ways to increase security in your house that will not be massive impositions upon your daily routine—some you may not even realise they are there once they are installed. The secondary aim of all security is to be as un-intrusive as possible for the user, so here are 5 ways you can increase security without feeling like you are in a prison.

1. Access Control

Access control is a lock-based method of security that you would install on your door. It regulates who can enter your property by the use of a password or a key that often resembles a card that you scan. These are more beneficial than traditional locks because you can often customise them to a degree you can't with standard locks, such as setting times of the day anyone can enter, creating a tiered level of users dictating how and when they can enter your home, and recording who has opened the door. Access control locks also have a forced entry alarm or an alarm for when the door is open too long, and these can be connected straight to the police.

2. Dog 

Dogs are one of the biggest deterrents to any would-be robbers because, depending on the breed, they are loud, aggressive to unknown intruders, and loyal to their owners. The great aspect of having a dog for security is that you also get a great companion, and if you have kids, dogs are great playmates and can increase their immune system

3. Fake Cameras

There are many devices that cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars—but their best feature is simply their presence. Robbers will rarely choose a house that looks like it could get footage of them, so installing fake cameras is a great way to utilise the deterrent that cameras bring at a fraction of the cost. 

4. Minimal Foliage Cover On Your Lawn

If you have nothing but long stretches of grass, robbers will think twice about risking being seen running over it to your house. With no cover they are completely exposed when approaching and leaving your house, and they give people nearby a great chance of being able to identify them later on. If you have kids, these long stretches of grass are great for them anyway, as it gives them more room to play with no hazards.

5. Keep Lights On

When you leave the house at night it is wise to leave one or even two or three lights on across your house. This means that to any observer on the street it looks like the house is still inhabited. Robbers are looking for an easy target, so you want to make it as hard as possible for them. If they think the house is full and awake, they are unlikely to try rob you.